20 Dec 2011

Nurses - The Christmas Season

Just like they did last year, when they announced they were withdrawing our Nurses from out-of-hours 999 cover from the beginning of February, NHS Highland have chosen the run-up to the Christmas and New Year festivities to force through a policy to which we, as a community, are bitterly opposed: they have advertised for a nurse to replace Jessie Colquhoun with a job description which

- does not require the Nurse to live in West Ardnamurchan, and

- does not require the Nurse to be part of an out-of-hours emergency service.

Full text of advert here.

But doing this, they slam the door on any chance of our having resident Nurses down here to look after the needs of this remote community and its many visitors. The Scottish Ambulance Service is left to carry the emergency can - and the last time they came down to a 999 call the ambulance took 1 hour and 20 minutes, and the helicopter 1 hour and 40 minutes.

West Ardnamurchan Community Council has written to all our MSPs and Highland Councillors, and to Nicola Sturgeon, appealing for them to do all they can to ensure that the advert is withdrawn. This will allow further consultations to take place after the community's overwhelming rejection of the Emergency Responder model.

Please lobby your representatives and urge them to stop the advert.

- The full list of our MSPs is here.

- Write to Nicola Sturgeon here.

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  1. West Ardnamurcan definately need to have acces to 24hr care either by DR or Nurse. It is too remote not to have something. More cutbacks by the NHS!!!!!!!!