10 Jan 2012

Community Council

Last night's meeting of West Ardnamurchan Community Council was faced with a heavy agenda.

1. Our Own Distillery:

The proposed whisky distillery at Glen More was described by Donald Houston of Adelphi Distillery Ltd, who also showed plans which will continue to be available in the Community Centre. Initially it would employ 3 or 4 people but, depending on its success and other related employment such as in its visitors' centre, this might double. It would be powered entirely by wood chippings derived from Ardnamurchan Estate trees, with the barley and barrels coming down the road but the used mash going to feed Estate cows. While there would be some environmental effects during building, assurances were received that this would be kept to a minimum, and that the visual impact of the completed building would be small. This is an ambitious project into which millions are being invested. The Community Council supported the planning application, which was submitted this week.

2. District Nurses:

With the advertisement for a 'roving' nurse to replace Jessie closing on Friday, and interviews at the end of the month, WACC is to redouble its efforts to prevent the loss of our District Nurses. It is asking all residents, and those who know the area, to write to Nicola Sturgeon and our MSPs pressing them to prevent the appointment so that meaningful discussions can take place - something which, despite the passage of a year, has not happened. WACC feels unable to conduct any further talks with local NHS Highland and Scottish Ambulance Service officials, so is asking for urgent meetings with the Chairs and Chief Executives of the SAS and NHSH. It is also inviting our four Highland Councillors to come down the peninsula to talk to us, and is pressing forward with setting up a meeting with other communities which are suffering similar service reductions such as Glenelg and Wester Ross.

A further development is the recent approach by Dr Colebrook to Kilchoan Post Office asking staff there to store and distribute prescriptions. Jonathan has indicated that he is only prepared to do this if the community supports the idea. Please convey your opinions to WACC via one of the Community Councillors (Rosie Curtis, Jac Crosbie, Alan Morrison, Jessie Colqhoun, Ritchie Dinnes, Davie Ferguson, May McNicol and Ian Ramon), or email the Secretary at wacckilchoan@yahoo.co.uk

3. Play Park:

The Play Park now has its full funding, so work should be able to start within weeks - weather dependent. A community company is being set up to run it.

4. Tobermory Ferry:

WACC is strongly opposed to Transport Scotland's proposed removal of our vehicle ferry service to Tobermory in 2013, and planned replacement with a year-round passenger-only ferry. WACC is writing formally to reject the proposal, but asks everyone to express their opposition - the addresses to write to are here.

5. Power & Water Supply Cuts:

Over 100 hours of power cuts affected the community during December, with the north coast worst affected. Scottish and Southern, who are responsible for power distribution here, have made arbitrariy payments to some households of up to £90. WACC is writing to urge the company to clarify the situation so that all affected properties are eligible for a payment.

Scottish Water is understood to be basing a generator up at the Kilchoan waterworks to prevent another repetition of the break caused by a power cut.

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