25 Jan 2012

District Nurses

At last night's meeting, people asked for details of Government policy on Emergency Response in remote, rural areas. Fiona MacDonald has, once again, done all the hard work for us -

1. In May 2010, the Sottish Government agreed to:

" Implement the Strategic Options Framework for emergency response in remote and rural areas..."

that commitment appears on p 11 ( repeated p 31) of:

2. The 'Strategic Options Framework' mentioned above is as follows:

Emergency and Urgent Response To Remote and Rural Communities Strategic
Options Framework, October 2009:

3. On page 21(Standard 1) of the Stratgeic Options Framework it says:

"1.(a) Emergency and Urgent Response Services are available and accessible topatients and their representatives.

1(a)1 Arrangements are in place to access care by a single telephone call in the first instance.

1(a)2 An emergency community response system will be in place in each remote and rural community. The type of operating responseavailable locally will be graded and reflect best value and optimal use of all resources available within that community. Where a First Responder is deployed, a paramedic will always concurrently be dispatched and where this response is likely to take up to 30 minutes, the local practitioner (eg GP or nurse) will also be asked to respond...."

[Fiona's emphasis in red]

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