25 Jan 2012

Last Night's Meeting

Some seventy residents attended the meeting to discuss progress on the District Nurses, despite the miserable weather. The main points were:

1. The meeting was brought up-to-date with progress since the community last met. The main points into the future are that representatives of WACC will meet the Chairs and Chief Executives of NHS Highland and the Scottish Ambulance Service (this has now been confirmed for 21st February) and Nicola Sturgeon on 22nd February - this meeting set up by Mary Scanlon MSP.

2. The meeting unanimously approved the continuation of our fight to ensure that we have District Nurses based and working in West Ardnamurchan.

3. The meeting approved the Action Committee's decision not to participate in the visit of the candidates for the West Lochaber nursing post when they come down to visit on 2nd February. However, it was agreed that they should be given a paper outlining our position.

4. All members of the community are urged to continue to put as much pressure on Nicola Sturgeon and our MSPs as possible by writing to them expressing their concern at what is happening. Please also write to the newspapers. We are hoping that the dispute will feature on Radio Scotland's 'Call Kay' programme at 8.50am on Friday; if this happens, please call in or text.

5. Various forms of action were discussed, such as demonstrations, but no decisions made.

6. Those running the campaign need more help. If you are willing to give some time, please contact Jac on wacckilchoan@yahoo.co.uk or 510 304.

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