13 Jan 2012

Letter from Fraser Dryburgh

Many people are receiving a letter from a Fraser Dryburgh at the 'Health and Social Care Integration Directorate, Primary Care Division', written on behalf of Nicola Sturgeon. It illustrates how totally out-of-touch civil servants are with the arguments in this dispute.

If you have the time, write back to him and explain the realities. Use the material in the download link in yesterday's WANI blog entry.

Our difficulty is that people like Mr Dryburgh are being misinformed by NHS Highland officials. The more NHSH can obscure the real issues, the better it is for them.

WACC will be sending Mr Dryburgh a very simple outline of the realities of what West Ardnamurchan will be faced with, after 20th February, in the way of community nursing care and 999 provision - or lack of them.

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