12 Jan 2012

Letter to Nicola Sturgeon

West Ardnamurchan Community Council is urging everyone to write to Nicola Sturgeon, Secretary for Health & Wellbeing, asking her to delay the appointment of a nurse to replace Jessie Colquhoun. The advert for the post, which has a closing date of 13th January, with interviews to follow on 30th January, is for a 'roving' nurse who will travel away from West Ardnamurchan during the day, and will not necessarily either live in West Ardnamurchan or become an Emergency Responder.

Ms Sturgeon's email is here, but a full document which describes the background and advises you what to do is available for download here. It also has addresses for the MSPs who are acting for us - please copy letters/emails to them.

Many thanks, in anticipation, for your help.


  1. For anyone having trouble reading the linked Word document: download the file, open it in Word, select all of the text ('Edit' menu > 'Select All' or Ctrl+A), then convert the entire document to Arial or Times New Roman, via the 'Format'>'Font' menu or the drop-down box on the formatting toolbar. Everything should then become clear.

  2. Many thanks to Anonymous for the help. Jon