2 Feb 2012

"Call Kaye"

The case for an adequate nursing service on West Ardnamurchan was put over with great success this morning by Mairi MacFarlane, Jac Crosby, Hazel McLeod and Mary Scanlon MSP, and supported by so many texts and emails that Kaye Adams ran out of time. The response from Dr George Crooks of the Scottish Ambulance Service and Garry Coutts, Chairman of NHS Highland, once again showed how very out-of-touch they are with the realities of life (and emergencies) in remote, rural communities.

It was also good to hear contributions from other communities and from a rural GP, who well understood our problem.

Special thanks to Mairi for getting this on the "Call Kaye" show.

1 comment:

  1. I listened to the programme & felt that both Dr. Crooks & Mr. Coutts were condescending & patronising. I agree with Mary Scanlon: Jessie should be awarded a Blue Peter Gold Badge.