7 Feb 2012

Community Council Report

Community Council sat down last night to a lengthy agenda. The meeting was joined by three of our Highland Councillors, Donald Cameron, Michael Foxley and Brian Murphy.

Early discussion centred on the planning application for the proposed Ardnamurchan Distillery. Everyone is in favour of the development, but it is becoming apparent that some who live or have businesses near the site feel that the wrong one was chosen, that it impinges too closely on neighbouring properties. It was also felt by some that the presentation scheduled for next Monday should have taken place before the planning process was started, so these objections could have been dealt with early on. Three Council members had been to the site to meet with those objecting. Council continues to support the development.

The situation with the West Ardnamurchan Nurses was discussed following the appointment of a nurse to the West Lochaber team - the nurse lives in Ballachulish. A public meeting tonight - Tuesday, 6.00pm - at which NHS Highland and the Scottish Ambulance Service will present new proposals will be followed by a meeting between WACC representatives and the Chairs and Chief Executives on the 21st February. The next day, representatives will travel to Holyrood to meet with Nicola Sturgeon, five MSPs, NHSH and the SAS.

Arrangements are now in place for prescriptions to be collected when the GPs are in Kilchoan Medical Centre on Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons. Council will be making representations to NHS Highland regarding the GPs' decision to withdraw from non-emergency, out-of-hours cover.

A great deal of work has already been done in opposing Transport Scotland's proposal to reduce the Tobermory ferry to passenger only. An action committee has been set up, and a meeting has already taken place with Tobermory representatives. The impact on businesses is to be highlighted - for example, the Sky television engineer uses the link in his travels around the vaste area he covers. Anyone who can add to this information should contact the Secretary at wacckilchoan@yahoo.co.uk. It is also very important that everyone objects to the proposals. The addresses to write to or email are here.

Work on the Play Park is due to start in March. There has been an increase in fly-tipping at the recycling point - please bring items which don't belong in the bins to the tip on Wednesdays between 12.00am and 1.00pm. Work starts on the A830 at the accident black spot between Lochailort and Glenfinnan on 26th March - there will be delays. The Adopt-A-Monument Scheme hopes to place interpretation boards near the Viking boat burial. And work is to go ahead on improving the path from Sanna to the old school house at Achosnich.

Despite all this business and some difficult discussion, the meeting was conducted with the usual good humour and efficiency. The Diary thoroughly enjoyed witnessing true democracy at work.

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