21 Feb 2012

Meeting with NHS & SAS in Fort William

Preliminary reactions from our representatives, who have just come out of a meeting with the Chairs and Chief Executives of NHS Highland and the Scottish Ambulance Service, is that the tone was both pleasant and constructive.

The ambulance technician has already been appointed and would form part of the six emergency responders promised, something they cannot now change, but they did not reject the idea of a paramedic or community paramedic out-of-hand. They felt they needed to go away and look at what worked elsewhere.

Our representatives pressed again for everything to be put in writing in such a way as we can clearly understand what is being offered, how it would work in the community, and what would happen if someone decided to leave. They also asked for immediate clarification as to whether things like minor injuries could be dealt with by the nurse when she is in the surgery first thing in the morning.

The community's very justified concern about the lack of 999 cover was also raised, and a assurance given that something would be put in place as soon as possible.

In general, little seems to have come from the meeting, but 'our four' felt that it had been, as Rosie put it, "interesting".


  1. There is a short and interesting report about a Community Paramedic service in Falkirk.
    It has rather a long URL:


    The SAS website also describes Community Paramedics:

  2. As an advanced paramedic I would recommend that Kilchoan had at least a community paramedic available to them, this would enable the paramedic to assess the patients requirements and get them to the most appropriate point of referral be it local GP,hospital, district nurse etc. The community paramedic has a few more skills than me as an advanced paramedic but in turn I have more skills than a paramedic, in fact I would have some of my skills removed if I moved up to Scotland as a Paramedic, which to me seems ridiculous as surely the more skills available to the patient the better for them.
    I would be more than happy to move to such a beautiful location to work having had holidays in the area, if the SAS/NHS are failing in their duty to give the Kilchoan community the 999 cover required may I suggest you seek alternative funding (not sure where it would be from though) and recruit your own private Paramedic, same skills, same Health professional council registration just not under SAS derectives.