10 Feb 2012

Nurses - Letter from NHSH & the SAS

NHS Highland and the Scottish Ambulance Service have done what they said they would do at the meeting on Tuesday: they have written a letter outlining the main points they made at the meeting. They have asked WACC to keep its contents confidential, a request which WACC will respect. However, WACC will be responding urgently to its contents, and plans to hold another public meeting before our four delegates meet Nicola Sturgeon on the 22nd..


  1. Why on earth are the contents of this letter to be kept confidential if it is outlining points that were made at a public meeting? Surely the reason they were asked to put these points in writing was because they communicated so poorly & with very little clarity at that public meeting.

  2. Search me! This is one of the mysteries of a consultation exercise which is supposed to involve us all.