22 Feb 2012

A Public Apology

At the Edinburgh Parliament this evening, the residents of West Ardnamurchan were given a public apology by the Cabinet Secretary for Health & Wellbeing, on behalf of the Scottish NHS, for what has happened out here over the last fourteen months. A further public apology, the first of its kind, was also given by the Scottish Ambulance Service.

A number of promises were given - amongst others, that advertisements would be placed for the staff, perhaps even a GP, needed to ensure that we would receive as good a service from the NHS as any of the citizens of this country. To ensure that this happens, Nicola Sturgeon will be coming out here to visit us and check that it's happened.

Furthermore, full 999 emergency cover will be put in place as of tomorrow. Arrangements will be temporary for the first few days, and permanent by the weekend.

Rosie, Jac, Davie and Jessie were congratulated on the presentation they gave, and they, in turn, thanked our MSPs - particularly Mary Scanlon - for the tremendous support we have had from them throughout this campaign.

Finally, Rosie asked that heartfelt thanks be expressed to everyone who has contributed to the resounding success of this campaign.

Picture shows the team celebrating as they set off home: have a very safe journey!


  1. Well done everyone. Power to the people!!!

  2. Dave McFadzean Moniaive22 February 2012 at 19:58

    Great news for you all. Well done and I hope you get all the health services you need for the future.

  3. Where and when can we view the public apologies?

  4. Someone has just sent me this comment - "All it needs for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing".

  5. "I believe that in the end truth shall conquer." John Wycliffe (1328-84)

  6. I am delighted to see that people power won the day for the people of West Ardnamurchan. We spent a couple of days there last summer and , as I suffer from asthma its always good to know that there is help available in an emergency and I will come back happier in the knowledge that things should soon be on a better footing. Well done to everyone who fought for this!

  7. Never was so much owed by so many to so few....

    this rally cry must inspire everyone..

  8. FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!! Well done everyone, great to see a small community can rally round and win over the pen pushing, penny pinching politicians. EVERYONE in the county deserves access to a NHS service.