3 Apr 2012

Community Council Meeting

While arrangements for emergency cover seem to be working, there's a lot of concern about the role of the District Nurses. Four of the promised six emergency responders have now been appointed, our ambulance, fully equipped with airwave radio and defibrillator, is operating, and the new Emergency Responders have responded to call-outs. But Avril, the new nurse appointed to Kilchoan, is now living in Shielfoot, and, when Carolyn isn't on duty, no nurses are start their day in Kilchoan surgery as promised. WACC has taken this up with Jill McVicar and NHS Highland Chairman Garry Couuts, and various 'reasons' have been given for promises not being fulfilled, but the situation remains worrying. NHSH and the Scottish Ambulance Service are planning another Drop-In session, and are also promising a circular to all houses in West Ardnamurchan explaining how to access different medical services under the new arrangements - but WACC feels that all this is taking far too long. To add to the uncertainty, Dr Colebrook is leaving in September, handing the practice over to Dr Topham.

Work on the play park is due to start on the 20th of this month. There is likely to be some disruption along Pier Road as heavy plant will be brought in to do the groundwork.

Consultation on the proposed reorganisation of west coast ferry services closed on 30th March. There has been some strong support for the retention of a vehicle ferry on the Tobermory-Kilchoan route, but we will know our fate in September/October.

Following the crash of their computers in the storms in October/November, Highland Council have been consulting on emergency planning. In particular, they need to identify vulnerable people in the community so they can be cared for in the event of such things as prolonged power failures. Organisation of West Ardnamurchan seems to have been handed to Jessie Colquhoun - so we don't need to worry any more!

A decision on planning permission for the Glen Beg distillery has been deferred until councillors on the Planning Committee hold a site meeting on 17th April. This meeting is open to the public, but no time has been given for it. A final decision will be made by the Planning Committee immediately afterwards.

Our Queen's Jubilee celebrations will take place at the lighthouse on June 4th. The beacon we will light there will be one of some 3,000 nationwide. WACC is appealing for people to keep any wood they don't need so it can be used for the fire.

A suggestion from Georgina Smith at Sanna for a bench for a memorial to Alasdair Maclean, author of Night Falls on Ardnamurchan, was considered. This would be in the form of a bench.

NB: This is a personal comment, official WACC minutes will follow.

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