26 Apr 2012

Power Cuts record

For those of you looking for a record of recent power cuts in the area, we kept a record as an Excel file. You can download it here.

Having been refused compensation, we are in the middle of a lengthy correspondence with Scottish Hydro, and would urge everyone to give their information to Jac Crosbie, Secretary of WACC, who is liaising with the company on behalf of the community - see her entry here.

Scottish Hydro have been totally inconsistent in their dealings with us, at one moment telling us we were eligible, at others that we were not, and giving some sort of feeble technical excuse. We have now written to Ofgem, the body which regulates the gas and electricity industry.


  1. Thank you for posting the outage times.

  2. Sharon Maclachlan1 May 2012 at 18:42

    Hi John my mum and dad got a cheque today from the Hydro just thought i'd let you know.