19 May 2012

The Lessons of Medical History

Many thanks to Richard Houston, who is himself an ex-GP, for drawing my attention to an excellent article in yesterday's Herald, written by reporter David Ross who did much to help bring the problems with our District Nurses to the attention of Ministers at Holyrood.

His article concerns the Dewar Report which, one hundred years ago, highlighted the abysmal medical cover available in the Highlands at that time. It led directly to the Highlands and Islands Medical Service being set up, which later merged into the NHS. But the point David makes is that, unless something imaginative is done, quickly, the Highlands will slip back into the pre-Dewar days.

David quotes Ardnamurchan's plight as a good example of the deteriorating situation. He knows how hard we had to fight to get a hearing when our nursing service was axed. He's also very aware that the loss of both our doctors at the same time is a further bitter blow to us. Having his support in the even bigger battle that may come is worth its weight in gold.

The article is well worth a read: it's here.

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