9 Jun 2012

Andrew Baxter Surgery

Andrew Baxter, one of two new Independent councillors representing our ward on Highland Council, was in the village on Friday morning for his first 'surgery'.  We went to see him mainly to register our concern at the ongoing problems with local medical services, and found him interested and very prepared to listen.  He seemed already to have a shrewd understanding of the problems we have, and of the personalities within the NHS with whom we have had to deal.

I know that at least two of the officers of the West Ardnamurchan Community Council also saw him, and that he will be back in the village on Monday evening for the Community Council meeting.

Andrew stressed that he is keen to represent his constituents who live in small, remote villages like we do.  This is good to hear, and we also liked the way that, by distributing flyers like the one pictured, he is also keen to make himself easily accessible to us.

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