4 Jun 2012

Compensation from the Hydro

Those of you who have been involved in the long-running saga of obtaining compensation for the prolonged power outages we suffered in last December's storms should, now, have had a 'phone call from Scottish Hydro offering to pay up.

Pressure has been building on the company to come clean on this.  West Ardnamurchan Community Council has added to the outcry, but it seems probable that it was Sue Cameron's initiative to contact the Sunday Post's 'Raw Deal' column which finally solved the problem.

The excuses the Hydro gave for not paying verged on the inane - the final one being that the main outage wasn't a single, long one, but two, with a break in between which neatly ensured that we didn't qualify for compensation - but it was so short a restoration of power that we wouldn't have noticed it.  Yet some people, and some businesses, were compensated immediately, with neighbours being told they did not qualify.  One Kilchoan customer was even told she was on a completely different power line from all the rest of us.

Scottish Hydro has done itself immense damage, not least by being so inconsistent in iys dealings with customers - this in a community which communicates.

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