6 Feb 2015

Corran Crossing News

Press release from Free Crossing at Corran:

The local campaign to secure the future of the Corran Crossing in Lochaber has called on Highland Council to open themselves up to an independent audit on the current running of the service, which was threatened with the fourth price hike in three years today.

The head of FCC, local community council chairman Tony Boyd welcomed the deferment of a Highland Council decision on price rises, but said that it was obvious that the Council had had no choice but to wait.

Mr Boyd said: “Highland Council have failed the local communities served by the Corran crossing and they realise they and the Scottish Government must now stop prevaricating and hiding behind the smoke screen of State Aid, and engage in a realistic and practical debate on the future of the crossing.

“The future of the Narrows may lie with a vessel, may be a fixed link, may yet be a job-creating renewables-orientated crossing, but what is sure at the moment is that neither local authority nor national government is taking this seriously, nor genuinely looking at the best way forward. Frankly, neither can wait to have the matter off their hands.

“We are so grateful to our local councillors, including Andrew Baxter and Thomas MacLennan, for their untiring campaign in our support. And we are especially grateful today to Cllrs Bill Clark and Brian Murphy, who voted for the deferment, against the administration. But the viability of the communities – families, businesses, individuals – and the livelihoods of the ferry crews themselves deserve better that they are currently getting from either Inverness or Holyrood.

“If the Scottish Government would wake up to the possibilities of rendering the ferry an integral part of the trunk route system it serves, the current service would be safe.”

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